House Extensions Design Ideas

House Extensions Designs

The most important thing with house extensions design is to employ an innovative designer from the beginning. Designers can suggest ideas that may not occur to you. They can take one of your own ideas and expand it, making it bigger, better and more effective than you could have possibly imagined.

Computer Modelling

Nowadays with modern technology – your designer or architect can create advanced images and models which will give you a very realistic idea of what you can achieve by extending. These give you a very real idea of what your home will look like once the work is completed.

House Extension Inspiration

Inspiration for the design of your home expansion can come from many places – learn from others – study a neighbours or a friends extension and decide what you like and what you don’t. There will be books in your local library that may inspire your architectural side. Of course, there is also plenty of material online which you can study.

Single Storey House Extensions

One of the most popular types of extensions is a single storey addition to your home. This increases the square footage of the ground floor of your property. It is important to remember that this type of extension is most often added to the back of the house and should not affect the outdoor frontal façade of your house; however it will eat into garden space. Maintaining as much garden space as possible is important. There is no point in having a fabulous home for the children if it is going to be at the expense of a garden they can play in. Remember that a house extension is supposed to enhance your home life not take away life’s little pleasures. Dramatically reducing garden size can also reduce the value of your property.

Double Storey House Extensions

A double storey extension involves expanding both outwards and upwards. You can do this to the back, side or front of the house – changing both the outside and inside aesthetics. This option can dramatically increase the space and value of your home and is still a cheaper option than moving. House extensions can be used to heighten the effect of the elements in your home by bringing the outside indoors. This can be accomplished by adding more sky lights, bi folding doors or even by adding a conservatory. The more light a house can incorporate, the bigger the space will seem.

Loft Conversions

When designing a loft extension, it is important to think about the room dynamics. Often you have to raise your roof to create enough vertical space which can be more costly. Victorian houses tend to be perfect for loft conversions as they generally have larger attics.

Basement Conversions

Basement conversions are great for a guest bedroom, a children’s playroom or an office. The great thing about expanding into the basement is that the outside design of your home remains exactly the same and they tend to be the cheapest of all extensions.

With all types of extension it is important to remember the little things – extra quirks which will make your house extension unique without taking away from the overall theme of your home. Items such as window seats add charisma. Windows add a sense of nature and secret passageways add a historic sense of intrigue.