House Extensions Design Ideas

House Extensions Designs The most important thing with house extensions design is to employ an innovative designer from the beginning. Designers can suggest ideas that may not occur to you.…

8 January 2019

Five Reasons to Build a House Extension

House extension to suit your lifestyle Extending your property means you can remodel your house to better reflect your lifestyle and suit your needs. House extensions are not only practical,…

20 December 2018

Right to Light and Planning Permission

  The Right to Light in the UK is based on the Ancient Lights law and is a common law matter. Due to the complexity of Right to Light assessment…

12 November 2018

How much does a house extension cost?

How much does a house extension cost? Indicative levels for house extension costs in South East of England If you are thinking about extending your house, it is vital to…

4 September 2017

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